3.0-3.5 Ton Electric Forklifts

//3.0-3.5 Ton Electric Forklifts

3.0-3.5 Ton Electric Forklifts

Reliability.  Dependability. Performance.  Durability. Unmatched Value.

Strong and Reliable, these medium to heavy-duty electric sit-down lift trucks exceed expectation and will outperform any competitor within its weight class.  The highly efficient 80-volt Curtis AC motor and controller is not only powerful it’s Zero Emissions rating makes this product environmentally friendly.

Like all our lifts, the FB30 and FB35 lift trucks are designed with our Regenerative Braking System.  This helps charge the battery from energy generated by applying the brakes, this feature shortens the charging cycles and saves you money by providing a self-sustained energy source.

FB 30
Capacity 6,600 lbs
Engine Curtis AC
FB 35
Capacity 7,700 lbs
Engine Curtis AC


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